Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Why another timer?

When I was looking for a timer to keep time for my son’s Lacrosse after fighting the timers supplied by the team (out of batteries, poor user interface), I realized that I could not find a simple timer that allowed me to keep time as well as account for penalties.

So I wrote it. Now I want to make this available to others at a reasonable cost to recoup my expenses.

How do I reset the timer?

When it is stopped, double tap the timer and it will reset to the currently set period time.

What happens if I take a call (or go to any other application)?

If the timer is running, when you return to the application, the timer is running just as if you never left it with elapsed time accounted for. If it was stopped, it’s ready to restart where it left off.

How do I set the penalty times?

Go to the Config tab and select “Penalty Times”. The four sliders allow you to set the values for the four penalty timers from 30 seconds to 5 minutes in 15 second intervals.

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What is with the backgrounds?

Have you ever met a proud parent that wouldn’t like to decorate their iPhone/ITouch with the reason they spend endless hours in a field watching kids hit kids with sticks?

How do I get the count up/count down to toggle in the general timer?

Touch the time with two fingers, this toggles the mode

How do I adjust the time left in the period to adjust for missing a whistle or other reasons?

With the timer stopped, go to the Config tab and note the “Alter Remaining Time” option, select that and that will allow you to make adjustments. For now this does not adjust the penalties as well, I am looking at altering that as another enhancement.

LAX Time & Score

A timer application specifically designed for the timing of sports like Lacrosse that require penalty timing as well as potential use of stop time

Simple Start/Stop

Four penalty or shot timers

Count down and count up timers

Customizable background allows you to pick any photo from your library as the background

Score keeping

Configurable for coordinated or separate penalty clock control